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    Gluten Free Products -

    12/20/2012 - Here at Molino Nicoli we certify our gluten free products, guaranteeing top quality to the consumer.
    To avoid cross-contamination with food that contains gluten we have set up a controlled agricultural supply chain:
    1. Contracts with agricultural businesses, 2. our very own drying and storage facility that manages our annual supply 3. a mill for maize processing only, 4. separate production and packaging areas that are dedicated exclusively to gluten free products,...

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    12/20/2012 - Total Quality of the product implies the responsibility taken towards achieving Total Quality control by each member of the agricultural supply chain.
    Molino Nicoli S.p.A is renowned for the attention we dedicate to the quality of our products and to the care with which we choose our primary ingredients. Every year we stipulate contracts with agricultural businesses here in Northern Italy which supply us with green maize to be processed at our very own drying and storage...

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    Photovoltaic Power -

    12/20/2012 - Molino Nicoli is renowned for the attention we dedicate to safeguarding the environment.
    As an active user and promoter of photovoltaic power, we have already built two photovoltaic systems with the combined power output of 2000 kW.
    These two systems generate electric power that covers 50% of the electric power demand of the entire company, a proof of our utmost respect for the nature and our belief in the future of renewable energy.

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    Nutrimondo Project -

    12/20/2012 - As an active participant in the Project Mozambique managed by a non-profit organization, Molino Nicoli S.p.A. has donated funds for the construction of a meal distribution centre. It is a five-year project whose aim is to offer a daily meal to 800 children and at the same time to educate the population, especially women, about the risk of malnutrition.

    One of our future projects is a plan to build an HIV/AIDS Care Centre for Prevention and Treatment.
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